About me

I have been specializing in plastic surgery for over 25 years. My extensive professional experience as well as skills within the field of surgery techniques, acquired in reputable surgical centers, were certified by successively obtained specializations. My educational activity was crowned with MD degree. I am one of few plastic surgeons who - in the era of narrow specializations - perform the entire range of surgeries from the field of broadly defined classic an laparoscopic surgery. These include: neurosurgery, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, oncology, vascular surgery, pediatric surgery and, in particular, plastic surgery, which became my main vocation, as it looks at a human as on a whole. This is why I am able to perfectly assess harmony and beauty as well as proportions of the human body. This translates into performing surgical procedures which are totally safe from the medical point of view and absolutely perfect as regards their esthetic effect.